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Loring Air Force Base
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Loring Air Force Base

Love Badger (Albert the Caterer interview) PYITY (8/9/97 Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI) Love Badger II Mikes-->Dave's Energy Guide (5/3/85 I Barbeque/Last Day Party Wilks/Davis/Wing Dorm at UVM, Redstone Campus in Burlington VT) Brother (10/9/91 II Opener, Great American Music Hall, San Fransisco, CA) Return of the Love Badger Runaway Jim--> Free (6/16/95 II Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC) Love Badger Strikes Again!
Rereturn of the Love Badger Tube (10/30/91 II Boulder Theatre, Boulder CO) Son of the Love Badger Cavern Funk Jam --> Cavern (4/5/98) Love Badger: The Legacy Great Curve (10/31/96 II the Omni, Atlanta, GA) Love Badger Strikes Back! Love Badger Strikes Back Again! Antelope(8/26/89 III closer, Townshend Family Park, Townshend, VT) Love Badger: The Emotional Terrapin Prequel (w/ Brad Sands) Terrapin (8/9/98 encore, Virginia Ampitheatre, Virginia Beach, VA) Jazz with Domo -- Donald Byrd Jazz with Domo -- Caravan (Ellington) YEM (from the White Tape) Possum (5/17/92 II Achilles Ice Rink, Union College, NY) check review at numerous teases On Your Way Down (7/23/88 I Pete's Phish Fest) The Love Badger Escapes! The Love Badger Stash Prequel Stash (11/14/95 II Univ.of Central Florida Arena, Orlando, FL) Love Badger vs. Mothra
I was a teenage Love Badger Buried Alive (aka the Abominable Snowman from 12/90 compilation album 'Homes from the Holidays' Burlington, VT) Loving Cup (8/8/93 I, Nautica Stage, Cleveland, OH) Love Badgers in Space DWD --> Have Mercy --> DWD (11/12/94 II, Mac Center, Kent State University, Kent, OH) Conquest of the Love Badger Moose the Moochie (7/12/91 II w/ GCH Coloniel theatre, Keene, NH) The Wedge (3/25/93 II Santa Cruz Civic Center, Santa Cruz, CA) The Love Badger goes to the dogs) Slave to the Traffic Light (8/6/93 II, Peacock Pavilion, Cincinatti Zoo, Cincinatti, OH) Letter to Jimmy Page (White Tape) Beneath the planet of the Love Badger
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