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The Bunny - IT Festival Radio

TOH Station Legal ID DJ Rickshaw & DJ Cooley - Traffic and Weather Music Bunny "Birthday" Bumper Music Pulp Simpsons Rickshaw & Cooley - Weather and Tentflaps Bunny "Metal" Bumper Gary Turismo - Jerry Tribute and Soundcheck Broadcast Tease Turismo with Trey - Traffic Report, Soundcheck Tease, Slayer Intro Slayer - Reigning Blood Bunny "B-U-B-U-B-U-NNY" Short Bumper Ozzy Turismo, Kevin Shapiro, Matt Sutte - "From the Archives", Garcia Tribute, and Phish Soundcheck Tease Jerry Garcia Band - Sugaree (3/8/1980) Sutte - The Harder They Come Intro Jerry Garcia Band - The Harder They Come (1979) Sutte and Shapiro - Program Notes Jerry Garcia Band - (The abrupt cut from JGB to soundcheck is as was broadcast) Phish - IT Soundcheck, Part I Phish - IT Soundcheck, Part II Shapiro - Soundcheck Vamp, Outro Jerry Garcia Band - Sutte - Garcia Tribute Outro Kevin Shapiro Archives intro The Wedge known then as "Great Divide" (Trey/Tom Demo) Sand (12/13/1999) McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters (6/87 recorded at "mike's grandma's" session) Shapiro - Brad Sands Interview Seven Below Intro I Seven Below Intro II Seven Below Intro III (aka "Lauren Please Come Home") Seven Below (2/20/2003) Shapiro - Traffic Report, "From the Archives II" Tease Shapiro and Jason Pinsky - 'House of Live Phish' plug Amazing Grace (5/8/1993)

The Bunny - IT Festival Radio

TOH Station Legal ID Rickshaw and Cooley - Banter Ozzy Interview I Bunny "B to the U to the double NY" Bumper Bunny Golf Cart Shapiro - "From the Archives" Intro David Bowie (12/1/1992) Shapiro - Traffic, Footware and Mud Stash (8/15/1993) Shapiro All Things Reconsidered (Soundcheck, 6/18/1994) Ghost (7/23/1997) Cities > Dave's Energy Guide > Cities (8/5/1988) Shapiro Shapiro and Pinsky - 'House of Live Phish' plug Shapiro Haley's Comet (11/11/1998) Shapiro Bug (7/18/2003) Rosey the Roaving Reporter - RV Busted Down Rosey the Roaving Reporter - Dayam Chick Rosey the Roaving Reporter - Headpiece Chicks "Pokin' Stinkin', Smokin' drinkin'" Bumper Train Rollin' with Rickshaw and Cooley Bunny "B-U-B-U-B-U-NNY" Long Bumper DJ Sleepyturtle, Rickshaw, Pistol Stamen - Watch out for Moose, Ozzy Interview II Unprotected Moose Warning, Mortimer the Moose Story Pistol Stamen, Sleepyturtle - Stay the night, don't run over people
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