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07/27/2009 5 Warren Childers Sandy set me up with some great Tony Trischka shows. Friendly and communicative when setting up the trade. I HIGHLY recommend trading with Sandy if you get the chance to do so.
Rating for Warren Childers:4.9(40)
10/14/2007 5 ziko Great Experience w/SC - came through odd thing lives 10 miles away. hope our paths cross someday soon. Noticed he has quite the impressive Creek collection.
Rating for ziko:5(3)
11/17/2006 5 Richard D. Jordan I just executed a wonderful trade, characterized by excellent communication, quality & generosity. I'm looking forward to more trades with Sandy. *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*
Rating for Richard D. Jordan:5(17)
09/06/2006 5 Maria Reine Trade went fast and smooth. Very pleased.
Rating for Maria Reine:5(23)
01/21/2006 5 Mark Schleyer Excellent trader. Great communication. Thanks for sharing.
Rating for Mark Schleyer:5(5)
12/28/2005 5 Bombed me with some Max Creek!
Rating for :5(1)
10/15/2005 5 Janis Ian Fabulous & poilte. My second trade with Sandy, & as last time, just great. (Thanks Sandy!)
Rating for Janis Ian:4.25(24)
06/29/2004 5 Martin van Rappard Excellent trader!
Rating for Martin van Rappard:4.9(20)
05/21/2004 5 Brian Sandy is just fantastic. She had a show that I really wanted, I contacted her and she said she was more than happy to help me out. It is people like Sandy that make the whole trading community as great as it is.
Rating for Brian:5(1)
Response: LOL, thanks....but my beard makes it unlikely that I am a "she" (at least I hope so!). Peace
03/22/2004 5 dave My trade with Sandy went very smooth. The music arrived fast and he was quick to help me with all of my first time questions.
Rating for dave:5(1)
12/20/2003 5 Engineer's Monkey Sandy is great to trade with. Very meticulous with the shows that show up on your door step. Committed to sharing the tunes and turns trades around fast.
Rating for Engineer's Monkey:5(3)
12/17/2003 5 CTDEADHEAD Sandy is a perfectionist...and his music collection...his labor of love is full of awesome shows. Trade with him?I have done it many times with many, many more trades to come. Traders don?t get any better...
Rating for CTDEADHEAD:5(13)
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