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12/03/2009 5 bobadams5150 Can you help me get this show from the NewsBoys
Rating for bobadams5150:5(2)
09/18/2008 5 DSB Great trade. A pleasure.
Rating for DSB:5(7)
10/30/2007 5 Amy Did a medium sized trade with Chad and was very pleased with the quality of shows I got. He kept in constant contact with me throughout the trade. Recommend to others.
Rating for Amy:5(40)
10/27/2007 5 Steve O'Malley Great trade! Good communication. Trade with Chad!
Rating for Steve O'Malley:5(11)
04/21/2006 5 BrianM Had a great 6 disc trade with Chad,fast and smooth.I will trade with him any time.Thanks
Rating for BrianM:5(10)
09/01/2005 5 Eric Virgo Great shows, got 'em out quickly and threw in an extra. Very cool. Thanx!
Rating for Eric Virgo:4.67(3)
06/13/2005 5 MB Chad and I just completed a small 2 disc trade.It went smooth and easy.The way it should be done. Thanks again for the trade.
Rating for MB:5(42)
06/01/2005 5 Mike Chad was great. This was my first B&P- Chad was kind, gracious, friendly and helpful. I would recommend Chad to anyone. Thanks again Chad!
Rating for Mike:0(0)
05/23/2005 5 Doug B Chad sent great sounding discs and got them out very quickly. Nice person to deal with. Thanks!
Rating for Doug B:5(3)
05/14/2005 5 sonny gable no problems with this and efficient-the way it should be
Rating for sonny gable:4.96(23)
05/08/2005 5 KitKat Chad is the best! Great shows and very fast turnaround. Hope to trade again sometime. Thanks so much. Fantastic. :o)
Rating for KitKat:4.85(26)
04/27/2005 5 Alex A+++. what a great trader!; friendly, quick and convenient to deal with. i was kept up to date through out the trade and shows arrived within a week!. enjoy your shows chad!
Rating for Alex:4.45(11)
04/26/2005 5 Jonathan Fast shipment. Great communication. Looking forward for another trade. A+++
Rating for Jonathan:0(0)
04/10/2005 5 R Lewis Chad proved to be an excellent trader, thanks man!
Rating for R Lewis:5(13)
04/06/2005 5 Legba 420 Chad B+P the Clapton crossroad festival for me 9 discs and it arrived before i thought it would hes very fast and the show was great!!! WE can trade anytime
Rating for Legba 420:5(6)
04/05/2005 5 bpigott Chad is a solid five.Trade with confidence.Has a great selection also. Peace
Rating for bpigott:5(15)
03/31/2005 5 David Schroer You couldn't ask for a better trader. I would be happy to trade with Chad again. Thanks.
Rating for David Schroer:5(55)
03/25/2005 5 Todd B My trade with Chad couldn't have been any smoother. Everything you could ask for in a trader. I highly recommend trading with Chad.
Rating for Todd B:5(22)
03/24/2005 4 Dennis Nuernberger Good Trader, we did a 5 disc trade over the weekend. No problems, would trade again.
Rating for Dennis Nuernberger:5(5)
03/12/2005 4 Drifty Good, Reliable Trader. Would recommend tradeing with this guy.
Rating for Drifty:4.87(23)
03/11/2005 5 Josh Lipsky Another satified customer! Thanks Chad! Great stuff and fast shipping.
Rating for Josh Lipsky:4.88(8)
01/28/2005 5 Jeff Rubin Chad was a pleasure to deal with. Great communication, awesome shows. I would definitely trade with Chad again
Rating for Jeff Rubin:5(8)
01/27/2005 5 Pedro Just finished my first great trade with Chad. Fantastic guy, with a great list and so different from mine. I hope it was just the first of many to come my friend.
Rating for Pedro:0(0)
01/06/2005 5 Wildegrave Just finished a great trade with Chad, he pointed out some problems with my original picks, and was gracious enough to allow me to make some changes, the shows he sent were really good. Very quick turn around and good communication. Look forward to trading with him in the future.
Rating for Wildegrave:5(27)
01/01/2005 5 Private Stock My rating echoes what everyone else has said about Chad. Everything about my trading experience with Chad was superb. I would not hesitate to trade with him again and I recommend him to anyone reading these comments. Thank you Chad for the great trade and I look forward to the next opportunity. Lisa : Update 4/8/05 Just completed another 20 disc trade with Chad. This guy is inflapable. His quality, attention to detail and sincerity set him out front as a desirable trading partner. I'm sure that I will trade with Chad again. Update 3/23/06: Just completed yet another trade and it was as enjoyable as the rest. First rate guy. Thank you yet again my friend. Hope to see you again soon. Lisa
Rating for Private Stock:4.98(66)
12/29/2004 5 Demitrios Awsome trader. Honest and great communication. This is what it is all about.
Rating for Demitrios:5(15)
12/08/2004 5 BruceDaveFan Chad is a great trader and a nice person. I received fantastic shows from him and the communication is excellent. I'm definitely looking forward to trading again !
Rating for BruceDaveFan:5(7)
12/01/2004 5 Jeff Brown Chad is a great trader. Excellent communications, shows delivered as promised! I'd be happy to trade with Chad anytime.
Rating for Jeff Brown:5(6)
11/24/2004 5 Takafumi Nakanishi He is a trustful trader. He told me about qualities of shows honestly. No delay for sending discs.
Rating for Takafumi Nakanishi:5(2)
11/05/2004 5 Jacob Great Trader! Very good communication throughout the trade. I will trade with him again too!
Rating for Jacob:5(4)
06/30/2004 5 stringman67 I've had some great trades with Chad - definitely highly recommended!
Rating for stringman67:5(49)
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