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Date Score User Comment
Commenting Users Rating
03/06/2008 5 brett garvey Really quick small trade, plus a few extras! I would trade with Ross again.
Rating for brett garvey:5(8)
05/24/2007 5 zowie good communication and quality discs,will continue to trade with him.
Rating for zowie:5(19)
01/09/2006 5 Robert Pervere Got some quality tunes FAST! Can't say much more than that. Thanks Ross
Rating for Robert Pervere:5(21)
09/02/2005 5 John Within 2 days we agreed on a trade and got discs by week's end! good comunication. will trade again...
Rating for John:4.95(20)
08/27/2005 4 Northstarr We had a small mix up on show dates, but he accomodated me with a great replacement show on our B & P. Will always be grateful...
Rating for Northstarr:5(3)
07/06/2005 5 Mark Schoof Fast quality trader.
Rating for Mark Schoof:5(21)
03/10/2005 5 Zac DeBrun Just completed a trade of over 30 discs with Ross, and it could not have gone smoother. Great guy!
Rating for Zac DeBrun:4.75(8)
02/28/2005 5 B hooked me up!quick turnaround!thanks again ross. appreciate it!!!!
Rating for B:5(3)
02/14/2005 5 whammer Ross is a great trader. Great communicator and gits-r-done fast
Rating for whammer:5(15)
11/02/2004 5 steve black Great trader and always has great shows...definately worth your time.
Rating for steve black:5(6)
09/10/2004 5 Pat Ross is an excellent trader, had great communication and everything he sent me sounds great! I would trade with him anytime for sure. thanks so much Ross!
Rating for Pat:5(17)
08/29/2004 5 Sigmund BoPs Ross rox! he completly put up with my obsessive compulsive attitude about our ftp trade.. thanks for understanding and being cool :) don't worry.. next time we'll do a snail mail trade and i won't be nearly as bad .. lol ;) i vouge for this guy.. definatly going to talk to ya down the line :)
Rating for Sigmund BoPs:5(17)
08/27/2004 5 Justin Great Trader, uploaded my show very fast. Sorry for the delay on your show!
Rating for Justin:5(3)
07/16/2004 5 David Perry Fast trade and quality discs. Thanks a bunch!
Rating for David Perry:4.86(7)
07/09/2004 5 Alan (Slydell) Great trader! I've done multiple trades with Ross. Quick delivery, good communication, and awesome shows. Trade with him if you have the chance.
Rating for Alan (Slydell):5(36)
05/19/2004 5 Steph i got some amazing stuff and he was super nice
Rating for Steph:5(1)
10/19/2003 4 shane Good trader. Not a very nice person, and all over a "great" rating.
Rating for shane:2(1)
Response: we didn't get along, if i was rude i would have given him a zero rating in response.
09/15/2003 5 Grayson Kimball Traded with Ross a few weeks ago. Quick and painless....will definately trade again. -Grayson
Rating for Grayson Kimball:4.8(5)
09/10/2003 5 waylon The Trade went smoothly. Thanks Ross.
Rating for waylon:4.82(11)
09/05/2003 5 Litmus ross is an excellent trader - quick delivery, good communcation and awesome tunes. thanks!
Rating for Litmus:4.61(18)
08/19/2003 5 Erica MacKenzie Ross got my shows to me quick & they sounded great. Will definitely trade with him again .. thanks!
Rating for Erica MacKenzie:5(1)
08/12/2003 5 Mickey There were no problems trading with Ross. Communication couldn't have been better. Fast and efficient.
Rating for Mickey:5(4)
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