Drive-By Truckers and Related Artists · 2024
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40 Watt Club

The Living Bubba A Ghost To Most Puttin' People on the Moon Slow Ride Argument Patterson Banter Why Henry Drinks Shit Shots Count Ronnie and Neil 72 (This Highway's Mean) Tornadoes Women Without Whiskey Wife Beater Primer Coat Patterson Banter My Sweet Annette Love Like This Adam Raised a Cain Every Single Storied Flameout * Dead, Drunk and Naked Guitar Man Upstairs Sink Hole Where the Devil Don't Stay The Driver Made Up English Oceans Rosemary With a Bible and a Gun One of These Days Road Cases Shut Up and Get on the Plane ** Angels and Fuselage **
* w/ McKendrick Bearden on trumpet ** w/ David Barbe on guitar

40 Watt Club

The Southern Thing Carl Perkins' Cadillac Drag the Lake Charlie Three Dimes Down The Company I Keep A Ghost To Most Used To Be a Cop Women Without Whiskey 18 Wheels of Love Sounds Better in the Song The Night G.G. Allin Came to Town Gravity's Gone Hell No, I Ain't Happy Marry Me Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus) One of These Days Steve McQueen Self Destructive Zones Play It All Night Long Surrender Under Protest The KKK Took My Baby Away * Let There Be Rock * Zip City * Rockin' in the Free World * People Who Died **
* w/ David Barbe on guitar ** w/ David Barbe, Henry Barbe, Winston Barbe, and Ollie Silva all on guitar

Lewis Ginter Gardens

The Fillmore

Days of Graduation Ronnie and Neil 72 (This Highway's Mean) Dead, Drunk and Naked Guitar Man Upstairs Birmingham Ramon Casiano Three Great Alabama Icons The Southern Thing Surrender Under Protest Wallace Made Up English Oceans Plastic Flowers on the Highway Primer Coat Mystery Song Zip City Let There Be Rock Every Single Storied Flameout The Story of the Road Case Road Cases Women Without Whiskey Life in the Factory Shut Up and Get on the Plane Greenville to Baton Rouge Fuck Fear Banter Angels and Fuselage Encore: Keep on Smilin'
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