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We are not a download site.
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You cannot download anything here except for text files.


What is does three things. First, we provide a database of performance information: who played what, when and where. Second, we are a database of meta-data about lossless audio recordings of bands like the Grateful Dead, Phish and many others, who permit their fans to record and/or freely exchange their live performances. Third, we provide a mechanism for users to link these performances and recordings to personalized lists.

  • Some people think that the performances and recordings listed here can be downloaded from That is untrue. THERE IS NO MUSIC OR VIDEO AT

  • If you are a copyright holder, you have an obligation to make a reasonable and diligent investigation of the facts before claiming that we are violating your copyright. That investigation will show that we aren't violating your copyright. THERE IS NO MUSIC OR VIDEO AT

  • We are occasionally contacted about material on other websites that are linked from For example, the Live Music Archive has audio files that can be downloaded. Similarly, tracks BitTorrent sessions. Both sites contain legal material only, and comply with artists' taping/trading policies. If they make a mistake, please contact them directly. We cannot remove content from other people's websites. THERE IS NO MUSIC OR VIDEO AT

  • From time to time, artists' policies change. There can confusion about the contours of an artist's trading policy. Occasionally, material is mis-listed here (or on another site linked from db.etree) as being one thing when it is in fact something else. This usually happens by mistake, and can be easily corrected. Please let us know, and we will investigate and make whatever changes are appropriate.

  • If you want us to remove performance listings from, we probably won't. That's like asking a library to remove newspapers from the shelves because you don't like what they say. If, however, you find an inaccuracy in the performance data, we are anxious to correct it. Indeed, you can do so by clicking the edit link on each performance listing. You do not need to contact us to make a correction. Just go ahead and do it.

  • We are occasionally threatened with legal action because a user's list refers to material that may not be lawfully copied. If you believe that a site user is infringing your copyright, please begin by contacting that user directly. In our experience, the most common problem is ignorance, and asking nicely works wonders.

  • We also provide a mechanism for users to distinguish between material that may, and that may not, be lawfully traded. Therefore, please do not ask us to intervene in a private dispute with a user of this site. We cannot enter people's homes and confiscate their possessions. Even if we could, we wouldn't.

  • A final word to performers and their lawyers:

    We are not your enemy. Please take the time to learn about what we do. If you still have concerns, use this opportunity to reach us by e-mail. We will gladly address your concerns if we can.

    In a database this large, mistakes are inevitable. They can usually be corrected. Your misplaced hostility will not help. Nor will an inconsiderate and inaccurate cease and desist letter. If you are a lawyer, you will suffer the embarrassment of explaining to your client that you made a mistake. And, we who practice law take our our ethical responsibilities seriously. We trust that you do, too. Attorneys: please review the New York Rules of Professional Conduct, particularly Rules 1.1(a), 1.3(a), 1.14 and 2.1, or your jurisdiction's equivalent.

    If you have any legal questions or concerns about this site, you can reach us at We look forward to hearing from you.
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